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ReaFir - for noise reduction, this thing works wonders. try it if you havent.

SIR with a few very tasty IRs from lex 960 and 480 - finding the right IR is the key - i tested 1000s of sucky and mediocre IRs (including IRs from bricasti m7, TC6000, EMT plates, etc etc) before finding these. flux verb session is a close second, with valhalla in third

DMG EQuality - the only decent EQ i can afford. once in a while i will use the pushtec instead, if i only need to slightly touch the low mids.

TB EZ compressor - i ususally use volume envelopes, but ocassionally i apply a touch of this one-knob freebie. smooth and clean - i tried many many compressors, and this is the only one i have ever liked.

Nebula 3 - for a tad of vintage pre emu - pretty rare that i use it, but sometimes just the ticket.
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