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1) Amplitube 3 to cover the bass and guitar amplification

2) IK CSR reverb suite to cover the reverb
I'm cheating there because, strictly, the hall, plate and room are separate VSTs

3) ReaEq for the EQ

4) Probably Addictive Drums for the drums. Although I like Drumasonic (in Kontakt), but I'd need a few more VSTs to process it.

5) Voxengo Elephant as the master limiter

Which means I've got no keyboards

If I could choose a few more, it would be True Pianos (Piano), VB3 (organ) and Reaktor (synths). I choose Reaktor for the range of synths, but my general go to analog synth is Ultra Analog and my general go to FM synth is FM8.

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