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I could get by with none. That's right. Zero. Beat that. I would copy and nudge waves around as to create my audio effects by hand. I would be a man and ride faders instead of relying on compressors - there's your glue, baby. All of my sound sources would come from nature and banging on household objects, and instead of using a sampler, I would chop up my sound sources and arrange them in such ways to make any sampler blush. What, no flanger? I would swing my microphones around in circles above my sound sources. All ambiences would be from distant miking only. We're really getting carried away with all of this plugin stuff.

Ok, I'll play:

Any decent sampler (it doesn't really matter, as long as it doesn't sound like a clown)
NastyDLA, or any other decent delay
Any decent reverb (I don't care, you pick)
Reaeq, or any other decent eq
Reacomp, or any other versatile compressor....I suck at compression any way.
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