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Originally Posted by scottdru View Post
They can probably take care of 90% of the problem only if you have enough square footage of coverage to take care of 90% of the problem.

Just tossing up a four panels or so isn't going to be enough coverage to take care of 90% of the problem in most small rooms. Four panels will generally give you a tangible improvement, but you will still have some pretty big peaks and nulls unless you get more coverage in there.

Just want to make sure that's clear!
Agreed. I only show 4 in my pictures (2 are really just mid/high absorbers and not bass traps), but there are probably 10 traps total in the room and 4 or so mid/high flutter killers.

My point is you don't need to get fancy in your design as a 4" thick panel is very effective... but cram in as many traps as you possibly can... start with top corners as that is wasted space anyway and won't screw up your ability to put in a desk or whatever. Then fill verticle corners if you still have room.

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