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Ahh. Freaky. I got it working with Rewire as well. Only difference is I have to set it to "pre-fx" under the "sends" options, and that I dont have to disable the "replace midi" option. There IS an option to do this under "show midi track control", but it isnt necessary when using Rewire I think.

This is great whatsup. Its a bit clunky, but now I can use midi quantize on tracks where thats ok, while using your delay app on tracks that fit best with totally non-quantized notes.

(clap clap clap)

Also thanks to you EricM for testing and clarifying stuff.

PS: Do NOT be suprised if I come back and say, "it didnt work as well as I thought". hehe. Anyways. I think this is the best we got for now.
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