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Originally Posted by EricM View Post
whatsup, I tried this with your plugin and works as expected.

You can play in real time while offseting the recording easily
on the same track, it just needs a few things set up correctly:

- delay_pan plug-in must be after the VSTi (to affect recording only)
- delay_pan plug-in must be set to delay MIDI only
- VSTi must let MIDI through (right clicking 2 out > MIDI out disable)
- Record: output (MIDI), Monitor: input

(just recaping for anyone looking for same solution)

Example of loop recording with offseting the midi for one sec ahead,
while recording audio simultaniously to check offset.
Finally got this working with VSTi's as well, by following the exact steps of this post. I guess I must have missed disabling that "replaces midi input" option.

But the main problem for me is that I use Reason rewired into Reaper, and I was testing with that mostly. This does not have that "replaces midi input" option as it is not an VSTi, so I cant seem to do this :-/

edit: oh, forgot to say that the effect I get is that when playing, there is the same delay before I hear the note after playing it, while with the above mentioned option disabled its correct

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