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Originally Posted by whatsup View Post
- do you use a hardware to play the actual audio ?
- if you use a VSTi, you could put another instance of that plug
at the end of the chain, and use it to delay the AUDIO Pre - other tracks,
so it could fix the MIDI delay ?
(this was my previous suggest, btw)

- if you don't use any audio while playing, what different can be if the notes are lating or coming early,
anyway you don't hear them, and the plug just could fix them.
I'm using VSTi's only now, and yes I'm playing with audio. The point was that when playing (and wanting to have a low latency), the audio was delayed with the plug enabled.

I think I understand your suggestion. I'll look into it tomorrow or at least one of the coming days.

Happy with the input quantizing so far though, even if its not ideal for things like piano imho. If you cant beat em', join em'
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