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Hey whatsup, thanks for looking into this and for your contribution. I tested out your plugin, and in my case it doesn't seem to delay the "capturing" of the notes; it only delays the time the instrument receives the notes.

Without some complex routing, I don't see how this will help the notes get "captured" or "recorded" any later.

On another note, I tried cranking up my sound card's (RME FF 400) latency up to 1024. That seems to help quite a bit. But unfortunately, that introduces other timing problems due the high latency I hear in my monitoring.

Its weird to me that changing my latency settings on my sound card would affect how REAPER captures/records the notes. I think someone else noticed that earlier.

I think (earlier in the thread) we've found that at lower latencies, the notes are recorded earlier than expected.

So we have:

Higher latency settings = notes captured/recorded later (or perhaps accurately) than with lower latency.
Lower latency settings = notes captured/recorded earlier than expected.

Again, generally, I would think REAPER should capture the notes exactly as they are played--irrespective of sound card latency.

Again, its no solution to crank up your latency, because its quite difficult to play accurately with such latency.

I'm all confused again.
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