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Originally Posted by Alex Stone View Post
After reading the riveting series of articles StudioDave wrote...
So I'm "riveting" now, am I ?

Java has its critics, and seems to have suffered from some degree of derision over time, but it does fill an important role, and the multi architecture nature of the language is a plus. (imho)
True. In the first article in the series I noted that Java's cross-platform viability is a major appeal for programmers. Alas, its sound API is simply not keeping up with the times. IMO it needs overhauled for all platforms.

I would hope that i can get lilypondtool running smoothly soon, and explore further the notational/engraving possibilites this app/plugin has to offer. Lilypond is a the runaway winner in the engraved appearance stakes for printed notation, so any means of utilising this must be worth pursuing.
I had no troubles with that software. I manually installed jEdit to my $HOME directory and I put the LilyPondTool stuff in a directory under the jEdit installation directory. I start jEdit, and the plugin is loaded automatically.

The linux journal article in question. My thanks to StudioDave for bringing these apps to our attention.
For the perhaps even more riveting Parts 1 & 2 :

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