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Default Album Five, Walking With Ghosts Past, is out there.

Greetings to all,

After a few months of recording, mixing, mastering, the works, my fifth album is out and ready to be listened to by the masses. My goal has always been to leave something behind when I go through the exit door, and I am quite happy with how it sounds.

I was thinking of dropping it onto Soundcloud, and, while I am happy with how my other works sound on there, and I happy with the site in general...I cannot see how, being I am close to running out of my time limit, that it would be worth paying the high price when I don't intend to make money off of it. Sure, they provided a great platform, yet I shall put a Pro plan on hold for now.

So...what can you expect? What do I expect? Once again, don't put too much emphasis on how my vocals need work--I know this quite well; HOWEVER, they are much better than my last one. Instead of doing one take and saying, "that is the best I can ever hope to do," I did quite a few takes just to get it decent. Pitch problems here and there, but I am satisfied. Tell me what I need to work on in the mixing and mastering field for future projects. The aim is to keep improving.

I am providing a link to where these songs are. The best part is by clicking on the each song under my name, you can get the lyrics. I will look to improve my presence on this site as time goes on...just finished uploading today. I don't expect anything really. We are all in a huge sea, trying to make our own mark. If you wish, please...give them a listen or many.

Mille grazie,
Gino D.
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