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Originally Posted by winbe View Post
Just received it, working nicely, thanks!

EDIT: well... I wish I was able to modify themes myself... it looks good.. but... why, why does the mixer show this information at the top of each strip... input midi, track envelopes, two lines for the pan... (redundant with the pan knob)... it looses precious space for the info I need the most, that is, the list of inserts, to get instant access... Not a big deal, but this is too bad as the rest look so slick!

So back to Paulie CLR LogicProX theme... but I promise I'll try to learn how to edit layouts, the theme is really nice otherwise, I simply really wish it had a layout without all these top lines
I hear what you say and you are the first ask for that and I am ok to create a layout without this ! nice point thanks
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