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Originally Posted by StepOne View Post
All of you Linux Reaperites out there, I could use some assistance.

I have my system set up correctly for audio. I'm running Opensuse 11 x64, I compiled all the ALSA drivers, got Jack and Wine up and running. Almost everything is working correctly.

But, here is the problem:

My Layla3G has 8 analog I/Os, and 8 I/Os connected via ADAT for a total of 16. In Jack, my system is only showing 8 input (capture) and output (playback) plugs.

All the ADAT settings are correct inside echomixer, and it shows all 16 channels, but the rest of the system seems to only see the first 8.


Any suggestions?
Originally Posted by daverich View Post
did you create a file called .wineasiocfg in your home folder and put


in it?

Kind regards

Dave Rich
Yes, but it didn't give me more connections. I doubt it has anything to do with wineasio, I'm thinking it has something to do with ALSA, maybe I need to specify more channels in an ALSA configuration file somewhere?

Any other suggestions?
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