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i dont know. why is it called Dominant ?
What does Google say? (the G7 question was more inclined towards Goldreap but not so big deal)
I'll help you:
The triad built on the dominant note is called the dominant chord. This chord is said to have dominant function, which means that it creates an instability that requires the tonic for resolution.
* That is, meh... arguably good explanation, but since when to be dominant means to cause instability? Maybe because it "requires" something, demanding... but that is not to dominate, rather the contrary, to beg for (resolution). They also say "dominant note" which is beyond incompetence, it is hilarious.

But there are some warmer explanations there (pointing out with bold):
Modulation to the dominant often creates a sense of increased tension; as opposed to modulation to the subdominant (fourth note of the scale), which creates a sense of musical relaxation.
Ok, but what is "increased" tension then? How is this related to chords.
hint: what does it dominate?

Too bad they have given a few (insufficient) words regarding non-Western treatment of dominant (non-diatonic scales)
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