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Originally Posted by View Post
that is said from the biased perspective of a player. currently, the player enjoys prominence.
That's irrelevant, the music is not heard prior to the invention of audio recording without a player. Notation was part of the "playback system". It had to work with the most popular instrument of the time. Had that not happened, we may not be having this conversation...

that was not always the case. the composer used to be far more important.
Again, that's not the point in the context of "revamping ancient music notation and theory".

Playback systems shorten distances and time between a composer and a listener. That's all.


players were considered tools, instruments, for the composer to direct.
What I wrote doesn't contradict that. The "playback system" is the "recorded medium" (notation) and the means of reproduction (the instrument + the human).

either way, they were told what to play- not to think for themselves. that is a more accurate description of what notation actually is used for, regarding new works/
It is a playback system. Someone writes music in Town A and it is heard by someone in Town B.

Town B could have either a great pianist on a Bosendorfer, or a Thorens turntable through Macintosh amps and Magnepans.

Make the playback involve a complicated format translation through jittery converters, unnecessary conversions, drifting clock, and the audience won't get a great experience. Make the notation system complicated and not in a format the Playback Converter agrees with, the audience gets a bad experience.

A means to get music from one location and time to another. A playback system.

the player's opinion is also the loudest opinion today. because there are more players than composers (conductors). hence the peanut gallery's "meh, just play."
I'm not sure what you're on about, but have a nice day.
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