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I did structure this thread as a "How to ..?" question. I am still looking for more answers. Two great systems have been posted here as examples so far. Amongst a large bulk of backlash. I didn't suggest that I was going to make my own system (altho, I have some specific ideas for solutions) The main answer so far is "meh, a new system is useless {because I dont understand the purpose}"

I believe a review of Pythagoras could be in order. And others from before, or independent of, The Church.

I agree with adXok - some of the best work on music theory is in dusty old books (pre-1950's), which amazingly, everyone ignores or discards today, yet in comparison to any new music theory book they are vastly better (i.e. "Complete Dummy's Guide To Music Theory", yuck). and not watered-down, either. they are missing jazz theory of course, and modal stuff. Somehow on the sidelines, either hidden from the view of today's musicians or incomprehensible to them, the new composers created systems as I mentioned in the OP, like tone rows or set theory, which is ignored or unknown in the "I know music theory and this is nonsense" peanut gallery. As far as I know, harmonic analysis of the result of such techniques has not been done other than in relation to math, so that's what I'm still wondering about. is offline   Reply With Quote