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Ok so i found exclusive mode allowing single loops to be turned on and off but have just started having some problems with what appears to be a kind of buffering issue especially after about the 4 minute mark.
I have 6 loops one is an audio loop and the rest are Midi triggering a synth, plus 2 of the tracks i am recording on the fly into loop slots.
I have had up to 50 tracks playing in the past using reaper normally without having any buffering issues so i'm wondering if it is a buffering issue or something else.
It pauses for a second or so then continues for a while then pauses again for a second and continues.
I do plan on using this live eventually so would appreciate some help on preventing it from happening.
My laptop is a Windows 10, i7-9750H @ 2.6GHZ and will boost up to 4.5GHZ with 16GB Ram
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