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Get a thicker rug on the floor, and thicker curtains perhaps.

The left speaker is very close to a corner. I would put a bass trap in that corner.

You want the room to sound pleasantly lively for good clarity when mixing stereo, not dead; surround mixing you can go for a more dead acoustic that does not suit stereo production.
People play with dealing with early treble issues (because it is cheap) with lightweight affordable off the shelf absorption materials for treble frequencies. typically this makes the balance actually worse if bass problems prevail.

A lot of people probably won't want to hear this but bass traps are generally the only truly significant treatments outside of regular everyday stuff you already have - clutter is good!

The rest can be achieved with regular objects in the room creating diffraction. Rubber trees, pot plants, painting frames on walls, bookshelves, figurines, you name it.
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