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Originally Posted by monty View Post
thanks, I have purged carla and jackd, but my soundsystem is gone ...
scarlett 2i2 completely disappeared in KDE multimedia and pulseaudio control does not start anymore.
I accidentally killed Pulse last night dinking around with the system, and had it so the Pulse mixer would try to start, then crash, then try to start, then crash again in an endless loop. Audio was screwed up for everything besides REAPER, so I got ballsy and used Synaptic to completely uninstall Pulseaudio. Then I ticked the box in Synaptic, and told it to install it. Did a reboot and all was well again. I assumed that all my tweaking of Pulse would be lost, but to my surprise when I rebooted after reinstalling it, things like the selection of soundcards, was still set to only use motherboard audio, and my M-Audio cards were unselected, which I had manually done before.
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