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Originally Posted by hopi View Post

does your wonderful mixer 'see' them? does it display them?

I am very excited that your lua mixer can run instances and have several mixers open at the same time...
and as I'm understanding it, each can have all the tracks or only certain tracks showing in it...
IF that is true, it will take reaper into whole new worlds...
Cubase used to give us three mixers that could each hold only certain tracks... but your lua seems to take reaper far beyond that ability!
yes it would be the same as other tracks. I can make an option to convert them to separators in HeDaMixer automatically if they have a "Separator" in the name of the layout in MCP.

yes you understood it correctly. But we can have more than 3 mixers here.. as many as you want.. you may not want to have them all open at the same time
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