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Thnx for reply.

I'm not good at programming, but can copy paste code, and modify scripts a bit.

In my setup Midi is coming in properly to OSCII-bot from both sides.

If I move fader in Reaper, I can see activity in OSCII-bot console.
If I move fader in BCF2000, I can also see activity in OSCII-bot console.

If I test it with example script "show-io.txt", I also get activity in "show input and output" graphic display. So, both Reaper and BCF2000 are sending data to OSCII-bot.

Now I cannot figure out how to connect fader in Reaper with fader on BCF2000.

I tried like this: I go to Actions in Reaper, select action "Track: Set volume for selected tracks (MIDI CC/OSC only)", ADD shortcut, move fader on BCF2000 - and nothing happens.

Right now I'm trying to figure out printf, then oscmatch(), as you suggested.
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