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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
The comments above include suggestions about chasing notation events differently depending on how they are mapped, adding some sort of reset mapping for some types of triggers, and adding a mapping to change the input note channel based on its notation.

All of these suggestions imply that the mapping should be done at the source, within the MIDI editor, rather than at the destination, at the virtual instrument. That would mean the map file (or whatever UI eventually replaces it) would be loaded from the MIDI editor, rather than from the virtual instrument window.
I've not had time yet to get into this feature but in contrary to the below/other opinions it seems right to have the articulation attached to the vsti window IF (and only if) it allows you to save that articulation file with a track template, vst preset or fx chain so that it's recalled with the instrument.

Why would you want to manually load the articulation file up in the midi editor when you can have it stored in the fx chain/vst preset or even track template? (unless track templates could store articulations?)

Most of my articulation maps admittedly are going to be for Kontakt based instruments but even then I can still load them via the fx chains or track template and expect to have the correct articulation file already loaded.

Unless I'm missing something?

I can see why you might want the button in the editor but the actual recalling of these articulation files seems to be most useful attached to the vsti window unless there's a ode of use I'm missing (I guess it's because they also contain other score features that are independent of the vst used)?
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