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TYVM for adding this.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Anything is possible for the future, but the intent right now is more proof of concept and looking for use cases that affect the overall design.
Please consider making articulation display/editing available in the Piano Roll. Example: Because I record my notes from MIDI keyboard, because I don't want them quantized (not shown in the image I posted); and I use the Piano Roll for editing. Edited later to add: Maybe this is already done. Sorry for my ignorance, if that's the case.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
... Doable, but I'd like some more feedback on how general this is, that instruments represent different expressions via different MIDI channels.
Often it's the only option with EWQL libraries.

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
And this seems lower in priority than keyswitches or VST3 expression, because it's not triggering events that can't be created in other ways -- it's as easy to set note channels in the MIDI editor as it is to add notation.
Having to remember which articulations are on which MIDI channels slows workflow. It's easier to work when you can see the name of the articulation, and during editing you select articulation-names rather than MIDI-channel numbers.

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