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Originally Posted by pcartwright View Post
The Pizz keyswitch occurs after the 2nd note and is never heard
A keyswitch notation that is attached to a note will always get sent before the note. That's not currently the case for track notation. So it should work as you expect if you change the "pizz" notation from track dynamics to a note ornament. But we'll make this consistent anyway, so either kind of notation will get sent before any notes occurring at the same time (except vst3 expression which gets sent afterwards as part of the vst3 spec).

Originally Posted by pcartwright View Post
The last note played with an articulation when none was expected. This isn't a great example as most people would re-notate pizzicato for the last note for clarity, but this is just for demonstration purposes. However, alternating normal (no articulation) to staccato (or tenuto, marcato, accent, etc) or vice versa is common and currently generates an unintuitive result.
I agree, we need to add a way for the user to define a default or reset keyswitch or expression to be sent if a note has no articulation or ornament markings.
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