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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
I think all but #6 are already done in 5.31pre1. 7 is done but only works for vst3 expression (this is pretty much why vst3 expression was created).
Legendary. I know #7 is not a deal-breaker at all for me, but I know (although not natively integrated) that Peter Schwartz scripted something like that for Logic. ( Seemed like it would be a cool feature, so I did want to throw in the suggestion while we're still on ground floor.

EDIT: @schwa, possibly in the above case it would be necessary to send the second note event to a different channel. In that case an instrument that doesn't support a case like that could be rigged to work nonetheless (to borrow ED's example: CC#0 value 14 channel 1 is staccato , CC#0 value 2 channel 2 is tenuto)

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