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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Doable, but I'd like some more feedback on how general this is, that instruments represent different expressions via different MIDI channels. And this seems lower in priority than keyswitches or VST3 expression, because it's not triggering events that can't be created in other ways -- it's as easy to set note channels in the MIDI editor as it is to add notation.

Doable but as with the note channel suggestion, probably lower priority as it can already be accomplished in other ways.
Fair enough. How would one randomize notes currently? I know of JSFX that can reroute notes, but I'm not familiar with a means to generate random notes.


Another suggestion:
Differentiate trills into half and whole step (maybe minor and major thirds, but that's rare). Ideally a trill mark in conjunction with a key snap should work, but I think you might need new markings unique to whole step and half step trills as well. It's pretty common for orchestral libraries to have trill patches (section strings in particular).
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