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Default Articulation Mapper pre-release thread

Here's a thread to post ideas and bugs about the articulation mapper.

Per schwa:

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
Anything is possible for the future, but the intent right now is more proof of concept and looking for use cases that affect the overall design.
Here are some of ideas to get started:

Option to change note channels and/or bus per articulation

Track rules should be chased; note rules, obviously, should not

Ability to add/subtract velocity and CC values

Add support for crescendo/decrescendo continuous MIDI changes (i.e. CC or velocity ramps)

Map keys (this could be the solution for a drum mapper feature)
Related - maybe some randomization (map one note to one of many). I can provide an example if needed, but this would be good for certain drum libraries to create round-robin style playing.

Special handling for the starts and ends of phrases (some VSTi start their phrase technique mid note and not at the beginning of the phrase - e.g. Garritan products, some EWQL scripting, etc.)

Some of these feature may already exist. I'm still trying to get a handle on writing articulation files to help test.
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