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Originally Posted by Magicbuss View Post
Yup. One of the big questions every mixer has to answer early in the process is WHAT is going to dominate the low end. Kick? Bass? Detuned guitars?

That last one is a bitch. Some metal bands have detuned/baritone guitars down to low A. You essentially have THREE bass players and the kick to juggle. I think this is where that obnoxious "fieldy" bass tone came from. Korn had detuned heavily distorted guitars and for the bass to be heard they decided to go "drastic" on the bass EQ.

One of the first bands I ever recorded was a cookie monster band. The recording and mix were horrible but i learned alot (like 57's dont really capture detuned guitars very well and 5 string bass + detuned guitars is probably a BAD idea)
One of my pet peeves with some metal mixing is that tupperware drum sound
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