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Originally Posted by Magicbuss View Post
Sorry, I am a BIG believer in HPF. Acoustic guitar in a dense track can be HP up 200 hz or more since its typically being used as a shaker with harmonic content.
If it is there and it needs to be removed because you can hear it, remove it. If it is there yet so far down frequency wise you can't hear it but you see it and know it is unnecessarily using power that isn't needed, remove it.

The point is not to just go throw HPF everything as a routine panacea for low end health because EQ by it's very function is a phase shift and it's better to just not do it instead of splitting hairs on how much harm it does or where you may or may not realize it. That advice does get thrown around a lot and followed blindly and people try to make mixing a routine of mechanical steps instead of actually mixing and only making changes that need to be made.

That being said, I do it when a shelf can't (many times the shelf can and smoother) and by the time I take care of the few tracks that need it, going back and HPF on everything else makes no audible difference. I'm a big fan of not altering audio unless you need to and EQ is at the very, very top of the list of things I don't use unless I have a clear reason. YMMV of course.
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