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I adjust hpf and lpf in the context of the mix (for me 95% of the time this is a live mix), and consider how things sound singled out on their own after it works in context.

Live we don't have the luxury of time aligning our sources, negating the source itself - the player is playing right there and making a separate sound source which has a time delay to each mic due to relative distances, or keeping mics in a static location - some mics move through the performance with the performers.

A large portion of my mixing work in the studio is with the tracks I recorded live, and because of the reasons listed above, you could spend an eternity trying to align all the tracks to fix the phasing issues, or you can use hpf and lpf's and be done with it - phasing issues are just a part of every single mix I have to do, sometimes phasing issues makes things sound better!
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