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The important thing with any general advice is to understand the principle behind the advice. So if someone says "highpass everything', the first question should be "why"? Once you understand the underlying principle, you can then apply the advice judiciously.

As I understand it (and correct me if I'm wrong), the general principle behind this particular advice is to avoid frequency masking, particularly at the bottom end which can become cluttered fairly easily. Because we don't discern sounds so well at lower frequencies it's important to keep each bass sound in it's own frequency band so it remains distinct, assuming that is what you want to hear, (which it may not be if you are going for, say, a particularly sonorous or dirgy sound).

I haven't watched the youtube video, and I don't know why HP filtering everything would introduce phasing effects, so I guess I need to look up the principle behind that.

Anyway my general advice is don't apply arbitrary rules. Listen to the the advise but question everything. Understand the science.
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