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Originally Posted by Plazma View Post
Wipe the froth off and go read this thread that started today in the General section of this forum:
I did, it's complete and utter BS ..

People with no clue should STFU and let the grown ups talk and get about their business. The whole idea of that thread and IMO your insinuation here is one big trolling campaign and serves no purpose but to try and stir up a non existing issue. The thread you mention has OP start off with "I try not to be a dick". Well guess what .. he is.. and if you are trying to follow his lead IMO so are you.

I was willing to dismiss your initial post here as a knee jerk response, but with this one your attempt to hijack this thread for your devious questionable purpose is just bad form, very bad form.

Here's hoping the mods can clean this mess up.. and quick ..
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