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Originally Posted by omu View Post
the rtconfig looks a bit different, probably because it's taken from a v3 theme:

use_pngs 1
tcp_showborders 0
mcp_showborders 0
tcp_vupeakwidth 2
mcp_vupeakheight 4
mcp_mastervupeakheight 4
mcp_altmeterpos 0
use_overlays 0
transport_showborders 1
tcp_vol_zeroline 85000000
tcp_pan_zeroline 67000000
mcp_vol_zeroline 85000000
mcp_pan_zeroline 67000000
trans_speed_zeroline 99999999
The older v3 themes didn't really have a fully configured rtconfig file in there (if any). But as long as you use those themes in Reaper v4, you can edit and add to the rtconfig files. In the example above, just add the lines
set tcp.pan [0]
set tcp.volume [0]
to the existing rtconfig file in there and that will set the pan and volume controls invisible.
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