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Originally Posted by richie43 View Post
You are correct. So as-is, this can't be used on the master buss as a last insert.. Interesting little project, but not super useful yet..... Next step is to have this functionality (and more) and as a "normal" vst instead of a Nebula. Right now it is an expensive and sort of elite meter!!
yes so we see the same thing... and I totally agree it could be better as a real vst...
but so far no vst codehead has stepped up to the plate. So the OP wanted a certain look and this is as close as I can provide.

in fact I'd think it could be way better as a real vst in that it could done as a meter bridge and also as single LR dll's... to expensive? well for my time which is priceless, yes indeed... totally unaffordable! on the other hand for users who want to bother, it's actually free since it could work with the free version of Neb3... right toe?

For me it's been a bit of a challenge.. and as ever I learn from taking those on... and I have from this one.

I think we'll get a normal neb skin with 4 meters out of the affair and I 'think' they will be the best vintage style meters for any neb skin that I've seen. And, not that it's a big deal... but you know... one more step.

On the other hand 15 bucks will get you this which is likely much better:
...should be fixed for the next build...

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