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Originally Posted by richie43 View Post
I just tried your new meter skin hopi, and it is in mono even though my nebula instance is set to stereo. Weird. I moved the pan 100% left or right and both meters kept jumping. What's up with that?
Richie... remember this is a hack but.. I think what you are describing is one of the things I've noticed about neb and skins...

so hey, you'd be a fine one to test as I have:

do not put the meters directly on an audio track...
put them on their own aux and send to it... then see if you do in fact see the L and R pan have the affect you want.
I would like to hear back from YOU on this.

Now during the course of my skin game, I have seen exactly this same behavior with any neb skin ... of course they need to have stereo meters to even get a look.

So PLEASE try it both ways... one directly on the track and one on a aux... send to the buss and leave master parent on there, but off on the track being sent.
Also.. do try it with both the bigger 4 meter IN and OUT skin as well as the little one that only shows the L and R input meters.

...should be fixed for the next build...

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