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well then for what it's worth...

today I made this as a special skin for Neb3
here you can see it running
sorry but there is some ugly in the image due to LICECap
in reality it looks very clean.


I have it running in it's own process just to eliminate the extra FX window stuff at the top...

so you can see it's got stereo In and Out meters
Now one thing I've learned about Neb meters and reaper is that if you really want the best read, don't just put the Neb on the track with the audio.. put it on it's own track and send the audio to it.... well, this is really just for stereo meters.

I can send you the N2S file if you want it and if you know how to use it so you don't mess with your other Neb's. Or we can talk about it.
FYI, this uses 72 needle pngs...
PS... what you see in the diff needle movement is cuz I have the track panned..
...should be fixed for the next build...
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