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Originally Posted by Pork View Post
Thank you. That greatly clarifies what I need to consider for building a new system and what versions of Vst's and software to re-purchase in 64 bit format. This is going to suck, lol.
I did a change like taht last year. it was really uncomfortable at first, but then it just all made sense. Now I've never been any happier. I was amazed to find out that many other leading companies didn't have 64 bits. This winter I was also experimenting around with some electronic music and was trying out Ableton (by then 8) and it really amazed me how they didnt have 64x version. Same about pro tools and how everybody was so 'OMG this is a HUGE UPDATE!' with that new protools with 64 bit version finlly..

I mean seriously? We've had it for quite awhile! Now not that I'm trying to compare or anything. My current vision is to use 64 bits even with machines with 4 or less gbs 9given the processor can handle 64 bits)

And about the VSTs. Many companies have a single license regardless the bit version of the plugin so all you need is get the installer for 64 bits and just use your license. Should work imo
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