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Assuming that the bass and kick are both properly compressed and limited, i.e. at a consistent volume throughout, then I would expect to

* highpass the kick sharply just below the resonant frequency
* notch/cut the bass wherever the kick's resonant frequency is
* raise the level of the bass overall or boost it in the low end
* highpass the bass at least at 20, quite possibly higher

I personally tend to favor the bass over the kick, but that depends on the genre. You've got a good kick tone, it's mostly a matter of getting a good blend with the bass.

Everything that isn't the kick or bass needs to be high-passed at least at 100 Hz, and quite probably much higher. I have high-passed guitars as high as 500 Hz, which seems insane, but it's what worked in that mix. Don't EQ the instruments solo as you raise the high-pass, listen to it in the mix. At some point the bass (again, assuming that it's well compressed and consistent in volume) will become a lot more audible. The biggest culprit is going to be the electric guitars, high-pass them aggressively.
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