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Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
I will definitely agree after listening a few times it seems to be a bit lifeless.. am i squeezing it to hard with the threshhold on the compression? or should i play with the attack a bit or both?
You're compressing that bass? That's the most dynamic bass I've heard in a long time. Certain notes/riffs leap out at you, and other bits can barely be heard. That bass definitely needs more compression. As such, I recommend that you take all the compression off the bass (contrary beggar that I am) and go mess with an EQ for a bit. Those distinguishable bass notes have specific frequencies, and that range is where you want to cut. Use ears. Then take a walk. Come back. Use ears again. Adjust a bit. Turn the track volume up a sniff. Live with it for a while.

Then compress.

and the kick I can bring back a bit.. i think its got a good pump but it could be a bit much considering its not a club track hahahah
Get the relationship with the snare right. Get the relationship with the bass right. It's not easy to get both kick and bass sounding kickass in the same mix, and in this case, I think your kickass kick should yeild a little to your sickly bass.
small question.. do you think the snare is too low? cuz someone told me it should be louder.. I think its good where its at but i thought i would ask...
I think it sounds good where it is, which suggests that the vocals are too loud. But all that might change when you start messing with the bass....

I'd get the relationship between the snare and the voice right before you do other stuff, like getting the kick right with the snare (without messing up the voices new good relationship with the snare) and getting the bass right with the kick (without messing up the kick's new good relationship with the snare).

But first I'd just quickly drum up some kind of vague context in which to stop my bass wandering off all over the place, and go to work on that bass EQ. And that vague context would probably sound a bit like your existing mix.

I really like the way backing vocals pop out at you. Less is more.

All my mixes sound like ass, by the way.
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