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Basically with that you're setting the grid to which your notes will be quantized.

Lets say you set a 1/4 note grid, all of your notes will shift to their closest quarter note. This would be EXTREMELY undesirable for the music you have, because you're using everything down to 16th notes & possibly 32nd notes.

Basically, what you want to do is set your grid to the shortest note that you play. So if 16th notes is as far as you break down it, set it to that. You still want to go over it after the fact to make sure that everything moved in the right direction.

That said, I would recommend leaving as much of it as you can alone...the millisecond inconsistencies are what makes a drum track sound real. Those of us using programmed drums are constantly battling the machine effect of quantized drums and looking for the best ways to humanize the track (i.e., FORCE a bit of 'sloppy' timing). I would just try to identify the worst spots and fix those as isolated incidents.

Just a recommendation, whichever way works better for you. Play around with both and see what sounds better.
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