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Originally Posted by Repetition Compulsion View Post

And yes, compression on the bass is normal (usually pretty necessary). Mine is compressed quite a bit, 12:1 ratio or something like that with a threshhold set for pretty constant 6db reduction, fast attack with medium release.
well i was able to upload those 3 other previous track versions but now it doesn't let me at all and they were the same song and file size im trying to upload now.
Nevertheless, yeah i need to bring them down.. and yeah i have the growls each on an individual track... so i can level all l3 differently and lower them behind the mains... my bass is compressed with a 6:1 and with a pretty high thresh... a previous suggestion was to squeez it a bit more so i increased that thresh (assuming that's what he meant) butr yeah im still playing with it...

edit: i finally got a DR meter the TT DR meter. so I can really check the phase (correlation).. and as i can see the phase is right in the middle between 0 and +1 and is green that's good right? if i leave it in mono it goes all the way to +1

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