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Ok well Ive decided tro just stay the course no sense in making a new thread for the same issue right? ok folks.. so her it is.. now again the question is... do you hear pumping on the guitars or someone playing with the fader as i can explain it? there is no compression on the guitars.. there is very little threshold on the drums and vocals but i do have it on the bass.. yes timing is off the volumes may not be where they need to be yet.. my main fous is whether or not the guitars are still waving up and down.... if they are not i can move forward ot volumes issues cuz i think the vocals are little in your face still..

sorry stash will still not let me upload does anyone know what im doing wrong with that i havent be able to upload shit since the very first time... i thought maybe i was outta spoace so i deleted them and still i can't does anyone know if there is acontact link or any suggestions?
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