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Originally Posted by Repetition Compulsion View Post
Pumping, thats the pumping (or a related side effect anyways?).

edit: When you post it up, make a new thread (I would recommend, so as to start dropping this shit-show into your past) but bump this one at the same time with a link to it. Otherwise people like myself (I don't look much past the first few posts of each section on a regular basis) will probably miss it.
Thanks and yeah got rid of the compressors on the guitars... there are no compressors on the guitars.. and Ok I will start a new thread and post the link to that thread on this one.. that's what you're saying right? and i didn't put any compression on the master track either.. a little on the drums and some on the bass as some one said to squeeze it.. and of course on the vocals... so i will post that later
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