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Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
cuz i heard my guitars waving up and down like i was playing with the volume fader up and down the whole length of the songs. as in the pic i attached.. imagine that is the volume of the guitars..
Pumping, thats the pumping (or a related side effect anyways?). Don't put ANY compression on your guitars. I use a very light compressor on my master track & I don't hear it affecting the guitars, but I don't really know that anyone would recommend that. Compression on metal (high-gain) guitars is dangerous territory & 99% of the time unnecessary. That will probably solve most of that.

Originally Posted by headcase915 View Post
with that said... when i do post the mix.. the primary question that i propose to all of you.. is:
"Do you hear the guitars going up and down in volume?"
its a yes or no question.. if you dont then im closer to my goal and then i can move on to what else would you suggest to improve the mix (AS FAR AS TONES) timing is gonna be a issue.. i get that and it may be nails on a chalk board to your ears.. but please.. humor me and place that part aside... FOR NOW.. and see if there are any other eq compression or volume suggestions you would do to improve the mix.. ok? yeah? can we try that? pretend someone brought you this outta time recording and asked you to do your best with it.. timing aside... not askig you to polish a turd... im just asking for your suggestions and advice towards improving what is already.. to make it the best turd it can be.. so to speak...hahahah

again thanks for the help...
Sure. I'm all for second chances and I think that I, for one, have beaten the dead horse enough on the timing. If you work on settling the kick into the mix better it might be less apparent. Post it up when you either hit some big progress or hit a brick wall and I'll listen again.

One HUGE recommendation on the guitars, particularly since you're recording them digitally. Record a DI track alongside the VAMP tone. You can do this in a number of different ways depending on your equipment. For me, my Pod has a dry-out, so I just send that into an instrument in on my interface and record it silently in the background. If you do this then you should be able to figure out a way to re-amp the tone later if you need significant changes that aren't possible through post-processing. Another 'tip for the future' but its made a drastic difference in the tediousness of my own recordings & tone-searching. For the existing tones....more hi-pass--like 200-220hz even-- andmore hi-shelf (with a lo-pass between 6-10k)

edit: When you post it up, make a new thread (I would recommend, so as to start dropping this shit-show into your past) but bump this one at the same time with a link to it. Otherwise people like myself (I don't look much past the first few posts of each section on a regular basis) will probably miss it.
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