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Oppologies in advanced, but i must went alittle or my face will blow off.

They, just, started.. the painting is not finished yet.
That alone makes it uncritiquable, unwhineable.. *what?
The exitement is about the first step into the next generation of what Ever they have in store for
And the news is about our fav DAW pushing 5.
They cant please everybody just to be nice, they make choices just like the rest of us, but i do
believe Cockos makes a bit more Mature ones so, everyone is not going to like it for sure, or feel left out.
Even if it is an improvement without a doubt! "some" is not going to like it and whine, because
they have something specific in mind that suits their own needs and wishes and what evs.

For me this step of principle (5) is a happy moment and my first thought sure aint adding all my
personal requests infront of the party to block out the sun.
Believe me, i have requests also, duh!
Relax, enjoy the show that juuuust started a few seconds ago.
I do believe that they are listening, reading, but i also believe if anyone with an actual good FR
comes of like a spoiled brat, the the devs can just pft! on that how ever they see fit.
So, i recommend civilized communication without "clever" psychology.

Thanks for reading, cue the re-employed cricket band & be gentle.

Ahh that felt good *inhales'
Ps, that WAS.. the small verion.
SmajjL as in, Smile.. you got it. ;)

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