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Originally Posted by rothchild View Post
(...)I'd maybe look at throwing all the gear and channels at drums and bass in the first instance (but getting the whole band to perform) and then getting all the other instruments in a second pass.(...)
Good idea, thought of tracking drums, DI bass, DI guitars and scratch vocals first, them overdub as needed. We got a harmonica player who will DEFINITLY NOT be tracking at the same time as the others, as he tends to play all over the song, nonstop.

Originally Posted by morgon View Post
Youll succeed in making great music with that attitude. Persistence counts for a lot imo
Well, thanks! I should have given up a long time ago, but the music we make together is really worth it!

Originally Posted by Stress View Post
They will just drag you down and prevent any success you might achieve in doing what you want. (...)If you really like the guys then you can attempt to make it happen but it is an uphill battle that and you'll have to carry them every step of the way... so they better be worth it. (...) It is almost impossible to achieve a great *modern* recording from a ensemble recording. Too much bleed over from all the mics, mistakes, and timing issues will cause big headaches.
That's why I and the vocalist started a side project. He is the only one who'll show up every time I ask. But the music the 6 of us make togheter has been, as I said, worth the extra work for me. At least until my patience goes away... Another reason for that is that we bought the equipment together, and even thought I can use it for my own projects, I have to use it for the band (this is my conscience talking, the band is not really upset with it as long as we use the gear in the rehearsals). As for the impossibility of making a decent recording that way, I'm aware of it... It's a pity, 'cos I really believe I can make something interesting with the gear and practice I've got, but had to give up doing "great" in order to just "do" it...

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