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Originally Posted by Vinicius Marques View Post
Well, sometimes I do get angry because of it. It's really frustrating to spend my time learning, getting better on recording, and then not being able to finish something because of others... but I'm used to it. And too much engaged in making music with those guys (who are great persons AND great musicians) to give up. Maybe it's the lack of an outside producer that make them act like that, but I like production too much and want to learn more, and using my band as a laboratory is the best way (or at least the less dangerous), I think... so I keep on trying!
Find some other people that have the same goals as you. These people are dead weight. They will just drag you down and prevent any success you might achieve in doing what you want.

If they can't bite the bullet and help make it work then they don't want it to work. If there are issues why they don't want to record then they can be worked out. If it's a lot of time wasted for them, then don't waste their time. If they don't like recording, and that is your goal, and they don't want man up to record, then your only option is to find other people.

If you really like the guys then you can attempt to make it happen but it is an uphill battle that and you'll have to carry them every step of the way... so they better be worth it.

It is almost impossible to achieve a great *modern* recording from a ensemble recording. Too much bleed over from all the mics, mistakes, and timing issues will cause big headaches.

It can be done, but requires top notch musicians, lots of money and time to set up. It is much easier to record things separately and if they don't see that and/or don't care then they are just making your life harder... which means they don't care about your time and dedication.

Chances are your putting in at least 30x the work in the recording process(acting as a recording engineer, sound engineer, mastering engineer, musician, bank, etc...) while all they have to do is show up for a few hours and play(oh, and god forbid, practice at home).

If you find the right people, which requires you to go out and find them, your life will be so much more enjoyable.
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