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Default receives ? Headphone mix

Hey zvukofor,

I really like this template.
Can you add receives?
I am using reaper to record my band and have two headphone(cue) mixes.
My cue mixes are based on 8 sends to a particular track.
It very difficult to try to manipulate the individual sends for each track. I need to be able to adjust all the receives for selected track from my ipad. So I can have it in front of me while I play bass, and when my guitarist changes his patch and is too loud, I can bring him down in the headphones...

Any thoughts on this.

In my current setup - I have two cue mixe tracks, one with vocals (so i can add some verb) and one with instruments, I leave dry.
Vox cue mix has 6 receives, instrument cue mix has 6 receives.

I looked at your reaper.osc file and see that receives are commented out.

Suggestions on how to approach this?
Ideally it would just be a different page of binder, since this integrates so well with reaper.
Or maybe S/R in the top section? And (R)receives would only be for selected track. Maybe 10 receives per selected track?
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