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i'm happy to help. i'll do a bunch for the reapers.

so is everyone cool with the Automation icon? i tried to think of a nice icon that wasn't so goofy, and a triangle that looks like an A seemed to lend itself nicely to it,.. the splines / points are so tired IMO

i like the basic shapes of the transport and some of the iconography but i really need to think hardcore about the next design.

i have an idea to start drafting ideas with pencil and paper (or pen and paper), post the stuff up and we can all collectively draft the good default reaper skin.

my favorite is still akoustik's matrix skin. that thing is slicker than shit. if it was only less green

anyway, looking forward to some more skinning madness!

justin; is there any plan to make icon sizes configurable? like maybe based on the sizes of the tracks or something grow them to a 32x32 version, and so on? like it's REALLY hard to get these to look good at such a small res. i can deal with it though, and i understand how it's more difficult to deal with "relative" sizes of the icons.

it'd be a neat addition to the skinning system however, if windows color schemes could somehow be embedded, and if icon sizes were a tad more configurable. other than that though, it's top, and it's pretty quick to skin for.

i'd like to see the background colors in the other windows/dialogs become configurable, with more choices for fonts and stuff in there, and eventually like a 'comprehensive' skinning treatment including cursors, fonts, colors for all widgets, and perhaps even some bitmap textures for stuff.

i know you can do it, since you are the winamp pimp it is because of dudes like you the world of software is so customizable. you were one of the first and you have mad respect from me.

you shoulda seen my first winamp2.x skin. hahaha man it was sooo bad, it was called PiMPAMP.. it was purple and yellow.

anyway keep up the good work and i understand how priorities work around here, so i can dig that the more important features will get handled. i just hope that you go hardcore on the skinning system even more so, we can put those other hosts to shame. it's already more tweakable than sonar, a program that has been around forever.

thanks all, and feel free to mess with that PSD stuff on your own. i may revisit it one more time myself to do a final adjustment on the saturation and some quick variations perhaps, but i dont think it's good enough for a default.

i hope the next one will be though

take it easy, reapers!
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