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My conclusions:

This was a helpful experiment.

I did learn that something about #1 (modded CAD MXL2200) is unflattering to my "head voice." That could be the internal HPF, the room I'm singing in, or the circuit. It would seem that even with the capsule mod, it's not a good choice for my voice. Perhaps it will favour others.

I learned that #2 (AT 2020) is the best choice 95-98% of the time. A couple listeners noted some sibilance. I usually record through a GAP Pre73jr, often with a Mooer Yellow Comp in the insert. The idea being to soften the highs somewhat. So all good there.

The Apex 205 ribbon (#3) is a bit of a wild card. It is a dark, nearly muffled mic, even with the Fethead attached. That said, it does pick up a surprising range of frequency that the right EQ can really bring out. Whenever I use this mic (often on guitar amps), I do so knowing I'm going to have to boost the highs a certain amount in the mix.

(I suspect that when these mics were designed, recordings were being made in much livelier rooms than we're used to hearing. I'm thinking of Studio A at Capitol or United in LA. Abbey Road and Decca were also big, airy rooms. The ribbon mic is a self-contained iso booth/filter, so the singer could perform in the same space as the orchestra.)

For this experiment, my favourite choice was #3. Here it is with processing. Manual tuning with ReaTune, eq, and a bit of tape compression/saturation). V-Comp is probably on the busses. Verb is a chamber IR from Reaper Stash. I can't remember who uploaded it.
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