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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
No, it's example tables and code, but what I mean is: what is actually the value within the tables.

For instance:
GUI.Val("Song1Tracks", MkrSegments[4])
GUI.Val("Song1Scene", MkrSegments[5])

What values are stored in MkrSegments[4] and MkrSegments[5], etc?
And where does nameOut come from and what could be the value in that, that you want to check agains Special 1 and Special 200?
-- Scan Markers for updates / changes
	mkr_idx = {} mkr_pos = {}  -- create mkr_idx and mkr_pos tables (arrays)
	mkr_name = {} mkr_num = {}
	num_mkrgns, num_markersOut, num_regionsOut = reaper.CountProjectMarkers(0)  -- count markers and regions in project

	if num_markersOut then   -- if markers exist...
		for i = 0, num_mkrgns - 1 do  -- loop through marker and region index nums
			retval, isrgnOut, posOut, rgnendOut, nameOut, markrgnindexnumberOut, colorOut = reaper.EnumProjectMarkers3(0, i)
			if not isrgnOut then  -- if not a region...
				mkr_num[markrgnindexnumberOut] = retval 	-- store marker number
				mkr_idx[markrgnindexnumberOut] = i -- store idx in marker idx table (not strictly necessary)
				mkr_pos[markrgnindexnumberOut] = posOut  -- store marker's position (time) in marker pos table
				mkr_name[markrgnindexnumberOut] = nameOut -- store marker's text
				MkrSegments = SplitStrH(nameOut) -- Split marker's text into segments separated by " - "
				NumSegments = tablelength(MkrSegments) -- Count the number of segments
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